The WBLAEF manages the following FUNDS AND scholarships: 

The Foundation believes in recognizing and rewarding students who achieve excellence.  The Foundation believes in supporting students in ways that will allow them to better engage in the educational process.  The WBLAEF and WBLA High School are working together to ensure that students are provided with information regarding all scholarships available, and we are excited to announce the addition of a Common Application for the scholarship process.  Please visit the White Bear Lake Area School District WEBSITE for information on all scholarships available to students.  If you are interested in setting up a scholarship under $15,000, please contact the White Bear Lake Area School District.  Scholarships of $15,000 and above, please contact Dawn Hank with the Foundation. The WBLAEF does not choose recipients, but helps manage the funds to support the scholarships.  


Nominations for the J. Stanley and Doris Hill Legacy Award are now being accepted through the White Bear Lake Area Educational Foundation (WBLAEF), the Century College Foundation (CCF) and the Mahtomedi Area Educational Foundation (MAEF).  These three area foundations, in which Stan and Doris Hill were involved, joined forces in 2006 to spread the word about the importance of volunteering within our communities.  In an effort to celebrate the Hills' legacy of volunteerism, the award was created to annually honor an outstanding community volunteer. If you know of a friend or colleague who has given many years of volunteer service and is extremely committed to the WBL/Mahtomedi area, please consider nominating this individual for the award.  

Nomination forms may be picked up in person at any of the three foundation offices or downloaded from our site here. 

The deadline for 2019 nominations is now closed.



Joan and Jim Honsa, Sr. were long time supporters of youth in the White Bear Lake area. Jim was instrumental in development of the White Bear Lake Area Educational Foundation for the sole purpose of supporting youth in his community. This fund provides access to school sponsored athletics for 6 -12 grade students who due to financial need, may not otherwise have access. Funding may include scholarship money for the student activity fee or for additional costs associated with participation in a sport.

Families/students who wish to apply for scholarship funds from the Honsa Fund may request a scholarship application from the activities office at North/South Campus or the main offices at Sunrise Park MS and Central MS or download from our website here. 

This fund provides a maximum of $200 per applicant.




Lynn Mielke was a speech clinician and Special Education Coordinator in the White Bear Lake Area School District.

Lynn's compassion and love for children was at the forefront of all she did. She was known as a warm and loving person who worked to create a positive environment for everyone around her.

This award was established to recognize an individual who has exemplified Lynn’s dedication and care for the students and staff in our district.

Educators are nominated by the colleagues, supervisors, students, parents or community members. Each year many wonderful, deserving people are nominated for the Lynn Mielke Award. 

The deadline for 2019 nominations is now closed.



The Hoel Student Grant provides enrichment opportunities for student participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities enhancing and encouraging well-rounded, successful students.

The White Bear Lake Area Educational Foundation is now accepting applications for enrichment activities for the school year. A maximum of $2,000 in total grants will be awarded per year (September 1 through August 31). Applications will be reviewed on a continual basis throughout the year until the maximum $2,000 has been awarded.  Grants are awarded on a first come first served basis.

Up to $200 per applicant may be awarded each year. Funds must be disbursed within one month of date granted. Unused funds revert back to the White Bear Lake Area Educational Foundation.

Student Grants are available to students enrolled in School District 624 in grades PreK-12 who, because of financial hardship, are prohibited from participating in enrichment activities. Students are expected to explore other avenues of funding, including the organization running the desired activity.

A School Counselor, Social Worker, Psychologist, Liaison or Administrator must sign the application, verifying student need.


Chamber Band Legacy Endowment

The WBLAS High School Bands and Drum Line received a generous endowment from Dale Kammerlohr, a WBLAHS Alumnus in 2018.  The initial $60,000 donation provided an immediate $20,000 for the purchase of new instruments while the remaining $40,000 is in the form of an endowment to provide for student scholarships, artist in residence projects and much more. In the 2018-2019 school year, the Endowment funded a commission for Brian Balmages, a composer, to create an original piece for the band students. This is a process that will take approximately two years and is great new opportunity for our students.

If you would like to help build the legacy of quality musicianship in our District, please visit the WLBAS Band website to contribute to the Chamber Band Legacy Endowment.

Clarence and Evelyn Barta Scholarship

Provides one scholarship to a graduating senior who has excelled in chemistry. (Chosen by department faculty)

Gwen and Madeline Campbell Scholarship

Provides one $1000 scholarship to a graduating senior who will pursue a degree in education. The scholarship is named for Sunrise Park Middle School teacher Gwen Campbell and her unborn daughter Madeline. (Chosen by South Campus faculty)

Cecelia Duffy Humanitarian Award

Provides two $1,000 scholarships to one male and one female senior student who plan on attending a 2 or 4-year college/university, or trade school, have demonstrated compassion for others and are considered a positive member of the student body in the classroom and community. Cecelia was beautiful, big hearted and approached life with a bright and open smile. Her family created the scholarship in memory of their beloved 12 year old daughter, encouraging others to live a life of grace, love and dignity.  (Chosen by South Campus faculty and the family of Cecelia Duffy.)

Brad Engen Scholarship

Provides one $1000 scholarship to a graduating senior with a strong interest in history and/or geography who attended Sunrise Middle School. Brad Engen taught history and geography at Sunrise MS for 15 years. He coached high school football and middle school girls track. He died from brain cancer in 2014. (Chosen by South Campus faculty)

Don Foss Scholarship

Provides one $1000 scholarship annually to a student planning to pursue a major in social studies and or education. The scholarship is in honor of White Bear teacher Don Foss. (Chosen by department faculty)

O.M. Haugh Scholarship

Provides one $500 scholarship to a graduating student who has excelled in communications. (Chosen by Communications Dept. at South Campus)

Sandee Heurung Hockey Mom Memorial

Will provide a $2000 scholarship to a WBLAHS senior who has been active in school or community activities and is playing on a boys Junior Gold or girls U19 hockey team. (Chosen by South Campus faculty)

Scott Kephart Bricks and Mortar Scholarship

Named for Scott Kephart who was a WBLAS associate principal for many years. Scott worked behind the scenes on many projects and did not seek accolades for his leadership. This fund provides one $500 scholarship to a graduating senior who exemplifies Scott’s “quiet leadership.” (Chosen by South Campus faculty)

Jaclyn Kobilka Memorial Scholarship

Provides one $1500 scholarship annually to a graduating senior based on leadership, community service, financial need, student activities and scholastic achievement. (Chosen by South Campus faculty)

Carol Kranz Early Childhood Scholarship

This scholarship fund for the Early Childhood Program has been established in memory of Carol Kranz, who dedicated her teaching career to the youngest learners in the White Bear area community. It provides one $500 scholarship to an early childhood family for assistance with tuition. (Chosen by ECFE faculty)

Peter Meslow Live STRONG Scholarship

Provides up to four $500 scholarships annually to graduating seniors “who have demonstrated exceptional courage and determination in the face of life’s challenges.” The scholarship fund is named for Peter Meslow, a WBLAHS class of 2004 graduate who succumbed to cancer in 2005. (Chosen by Meslow family and South Campus faculty)

Meyer Band Scholarship

The family of Harry Meyer established a band scholarship in his memory. Mr. Meyer was a band director at WBL High School from 1953-1983. The $1000 scholarship is given to a graduating senior band student who has participated in band for grades 9-12 in the WBLA Schools. (Chosen by South Campus faculty including the band director)

Norm and Norma Pippin Memorial

In honor of deceased WBLAS principal Norm Pippin and his wife, Norma. 

Dixie, Amy and Roger Rasmussen Scholarship

Provides one $500 scholarship annually to a graduating senior who will pursue a career in vocational education. (Chosen by department faculty)

Nick Rossini Memorial Scholarship

In honor of Nick Rossini, the Rossini family will provide a scholarship annually to a graduating senior. (Chosen through a drawing of all students who attend awards night.)

Dan Sanville Nordic Skiing Scholarship

 In honor of Dan Sanville, this provides a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior who participated on the WBL Nordic Ski Team for at least three years. (Chosen by a nordic review committee)

James Schauer Scholarship

Provides for a scholarship for a graduating senior who fulfills the following criteria: 1) a special education student who wishes to pursue post-secondary education, or 2) a student who wants to become a special education teacher. (Chosen by department faculty)

WBL Lions Club Scholarship

Provides three $1500 scholarships annually to graduating seniors based on community service, financial need, student activities and scholastic achievement. (Chosen by South Campus faculty)

The WBLAEF does not choose recipients, but helps manage the funds to support the scholarships.