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In 2004 Ted Glasrud, a 1933 graduate of White Bear High School, and his family made a generous contribution to the Foundation by establishing the Ted Glasrud Family Endowment.  Mr. Glasrud was instrumental in helping to organize and create School District 624 and acted as the first School District 624 School Board Attorney.

Sarah Swobada - Spanish Teacher

Mr. Glasrud and his family have been generous with many philanthropic contributions to their hometown community of White Bear Lake. Ted Glasrud and his wife, Lorraine Glasrud, along with their children Sharon Glasrud, Theodore G. Glasrud, and Debra Lentsch, have asked that the Glasrud Family Gift be used to create annual "Glasrud Family Fellowships" for teachers within School District 624.  Fellowships are awarded to teachers for personal professional growth with the hope that these awards will allow teachers to pursue professional development which would otherwise not be possible.

Selection Process

The Glasrud Family Fellowship selection committee will be appointed by the Board of Directors of the WBLAEF. This committee will select those proposals which best exemplify innovative experiences and personal and professional growth for a teacher or groups of teachers.

GLASRUD FAMILY FELLOWSHIP Terms & Applicant Eligibility:

Who May Apply:

Applications will be accepted from licensed Minnesota teachers who are currently employed in a position in the school district for which a teaching license is required (including Social Workers, Counselors, Psychologists and Physical Therapists). If you are unsure whether you are eligible, please call the Foundation Office. A recipient must be employed by the District at the time the Fellowship Award is funded. If a recipient is not employed by the District at the time the award is funded, the funds will revert to the Glasrud Family Fellowship fund, or in the case of a team fellowship, the funds will be redistributed among the other members of the team. Any remaining funds in your fellowship account after twelve months will be returned to the Foundation.  It is also expected that Glasrud Fellows will remain in the District for at least one year following completion of the Fellowship

Fellowship Evaluation

Glasrud Family Fellows agree, upon completion of the grant, to provide the WBLAEF Board of Directors with a report outlining and evaluating the experience. The evaluation may be submitted as a written summary or given as a presentation to the WBLAEF Board of Directors.

Types of Fellowships

Individual Fellowships: Individual teachers may apply for a grant of up to $3,000 that will allow them to pursue innovative experiences and expand personal and professional growth.

Team Fellowships: These Fellowships are up to $3,000 for each team. Team members do not have to be from the same school. Fellowship Teams must identify an innovative experience around which they would like to pursue personal and professional growth.

Application Format

All application materials will be kept confidential.

  • Application deadline: January 28, 2020. Selected Fellows will be announced by the end of February 2020.


Questions? - Please contact the WBLAEF office at 651-407-7696.


Complete the online application below and submit.   The grants will be reviewed by the grant committee. Recipients will be notified within 4 weeks after the deadline.

If you have a video or photo materials you would like to share, please submit them to the Foundation office by email or in person. 

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3. A professional experience that falls on a school day must be approved by administration prior to applying and costs to obtain a substitute teacher must be included as an expense. 4. The Glasrud Family Fellowship selection committee will not approve a request for which the primary purpose is to obtain college credits to advance to a higher salary lane. 5. Partial Grant Funding: It is not always possible for the selection committee to fully fund a grant request. Please indicate if partial funding will allow you to complete this requested development experience. The committee understands that there are some requests that require full funding in order to be completed. Your answer to this question will not negatively affect consideration of your request.
Partial funding of the grant request will allow completion of this professional development experience.
Full funding of the grant request is necessary for completion of this professional development experience.
GRANT AGREEMENT: If I/we receive this grant, I/we agree to provide a written evaluation or personal presentation to the Foundation Board after the completion of this project. I/we agree to share the results with the appropriate grade level or department. SIGNATURE: